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New 6 inch Seamless Commercial Box Gutters

We are proud to announce that we are now offering seamless 6" commercial box gutters.  We have found that most architects request 6" box gutters for most of their commercial projects. Therefore we realized an outstanding demand for this profile in seamless runs. 

As most of you may have realized the 10 foot sections that roofers have been installing all these decades leak at all the seams within a few years of installation. Without fail, every project that has ever been done out of 10' or 20' sections has a seam directly above at least one door or walkway.  Ofcourse, in turn causing dangerous and unsafe conditions in the winter when those annoying drips become ice patches on the walkways. 

Not only that we now offer a seamless 6" box gutter, they are available in all metal roofing colors. That's over 60 unique colors and in additon if need be we also offer custom colors in baked on enamel or powder coating finish

What's even more exciting is that our 6 inch seamless commercial box gutters come in 0.040 gauge or 0.050 gauge aluminum. This is so that we could meet the SMACNA and or Hickman specification requirments.  Of course, other metals are also available such as galvanized steel in 16, 18, 20, or 22 gauge. Could also be roll out in copper or lead coated copper in 16 ounce or 20oz.

We have cad drawings, pictures, and sketches. If you're not sure if the specifications of the project you're working on will be met by our products, feel free to send us your blue prints, drawings, and or sketches from your architect and we'll help you find the product that will meet or exceed their expectations.

In case you're concerned about expansion joints often times required by SMACNA detail, worry no more. We have documentation from Englert, worlds largest metal roofing and gutter supplier, explaining and proving that SMACNA expansion joints in most cases are overrated. But don't fret if you prefer expansion joints, we accomodate all the common requirements. We also offer custom hangers to meet all those detailed specs.

If a back flange or a forward flange is necessary that is an option too.

Here's a look at the all new seamless 6" Commercial box gutter:

6" seamless commercial or industrial box gutter